Oxford Wood Recycling Library of Tools

What is a Library of Tools?

Our Library of Tools aims to:

  • Reduce consumption and waste
  • Empower our community to undertake their DIY projects by borrowing the tools they need.
  • Help to build a mindset in our community that sharing things is an excellent option

So rather than buying a new Circular Saw or a Power Planer for a one-off DIY project, why not just borrow from us? We have a range of power tools and accessories available to hire.

To get started, simply register or login and get browsing.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Check out our LOT Community and see whether another local Library might have what you're after.

Or, you can request items by emailing LoT@owr.org.uk - if we find there's sufficient demand for an item, we'll do our best to get it in stock.

Got something to donate?

We are always grateful for offers of good-quality tools or accessories that might be useful to members of our community. Items don't need to be brand-new, but they do need to be safe, fit-for-purpose and in good condition.

If you've got something sitting unused in your garage/loft/shed that could be given a new lease of life, please do get in touch. Donors will need to read and agree to our Terms & Conditions.